aerial view of lake Springfield and the City Utilities power plant

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  • City Council unanimously votes to accept Lake Springfield Plan

    Following months of economic impact analysis, hydrological and water-quality assessments and a robust community visioning and outreach process, Springfield City Council accepted a plan for the reimagining of Lake Springfield and James River Power Station property.  The plan sets forth a vision for a redevelopment opportunity very unique to the Springfield area. No funding is appropriated…

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  • Possibilities for Lake Springfield include expansion, trail connection, improved water access

    Following months of economic impact analysis, hydrological and water-quality assessments and a robust community visioning and outreach process, the City of Springfield and City Utilities in October 2023 presented some innovative possibilities for a reimagined Lake Springfield area at a community open house at the Springfield Art Museum and to City Council at a workshop…

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  • View Lake Springfield Plan recommendations

    After three public input meetings and numerous engagements with various stakeholder groups, the public had the first opportunity to view the recommended options for the as-of-yet unfunded redevelopment plan for the Lake Springfield area on Oct. 12, 2023. Lake Springfield was identified as a redevelopment opportunity area during the City’s Forward SGF comprehensive planning process.

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map of Lake Springfield site analysis and preliminary concepts for its future


The Lake Springfield area is a key natural asset to the Springfield community and surrounding region. While it currently offers a variety of recreational amenities, there is significant opportunity to enhance the area into a recreational focal point of the region. The decommissioning of the James River Power Station presents a unique opportunity for adaptive reuse of the facility, repurposing part of the larger site for active recreation and making a lasting impact on the James River Basin

Lake Springfield was created in 1957 by the damming of the James River in southeast Springfield to serve the cooling needs of the James River Power Station. The lake and surrounding area was identified as a redevelopment opportunity area during the City’s Forward SGF comprehensive planning process.

The Plan will include adaptive reuse planning for the decommissioned Power Station and a Plan for the Lake Springfield area encompassing approximately 1,000 acres of publicly owned land. An in-depth Hydrological Study will be conducted to identify feasibility of various opportunities for the Lake and James River and will inform the development of the plan. The Plan will be a catalyst for innovative economic and recreational opportunities, new infrastructure, sustainable water quality and green infrastructure, compatible development which increases the tax base, creates jobs, improves the quality of life of the workforce and their families.

Elements of the Plan

  1. Recreational Expansion Opportunities
  2. Economic Opportunities (development and workforce)
  3. Transportation, Access and Wayfinding
  4. Land Use Plan – Public Facilities, Cultural and Environmental Resources


An $800,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA), and $200,000 from the Hatch Foundation, City Utilities of Springfield and the City of Springfield’s Environmental Services Department will fund the development of a plan for the area including and surrounding the former coal-powered plant (James River Power Station). Redevelopment will complement Lake Springfield Park and Boathouse, which are jointly operated by CU and the Springfield-Greene County Park Board.

“With projects such as the redevelopment of the Lake Springfield area and other iconic projects, we are working on to both improve quality of life and stimulate the economy, Springfield is on an upward trajectory. We are very grateful for this grant.”
Ken McClure
Mayor, City of Springfield

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