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The City of Springfield and City Utilities is seeking to develop a plan for the redevelopment of the Lake Springfield area following the decommissioning of the James River Power Station, which served the community for more than 60 years. 

An $800,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA), and $200,000 from the Hatch Foundation, City Utilities of Springfield and the City of Springfield’s Environmental Services Department will fund the development of a plan for the area surrounding the former coal-powered plant (James River Power Station) to determine the feasibility of various commercial and industrial uses.

Consultant Selection Information

Consultant RFQ

Questions & Answers

Q: Are firms limited to showing only 10 projects in their response to the RFQ?

A: Paragraph 3.2 of the RFQ Terms and Conditions states, “Teams are encouraged to organize SOQ information through the use of form SF 330 or content that follows the SF 330 format.” Section G on page 4 of SF 330 appears to limit the number of projects to 10. The cover letter states that “SOQs should be concise, yet include a broad overview of prior experience.” The Selection Team is interested in understanding which individuals proposed for the team have participated in the example projects. Submitters may choose to include more than 10 projects, and if they do, then page 4 should be modified, or the form reorganized, to allow for the additional projects.

Maps of Lake Area

map of the Lake Springfield sub area
Map of Lake Springfield sub area.
wider area map of Lake Springfield and surrounding areas
Map of the wider Lake Springfield areas.

Project Schedule

  • June 2022: Sustainable Return on Investment Study (SROI) Kickoff
  • May 2022: Request Qualifications from Consulting Firms to complete the Hydrological Study and Plan
  • June/July 2022: Review Consultant Statements of Qualifications
  • Summer 2022: Consultant Selection
  • Spring 2023: SROI Study Completion
  • Summer 2024: Plan Completion